CBD Fragrance is Topically Absorbed in the Absence of Solvents

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural derivative of cannabis plants. There are so many articles on the benefits of CBD on Medium and elsewhere that we’ll skip ahead to discussing the maintenance of CBD in fragrance products.

Let’s analyze the chemical structure of CBD:

Solvents are dangerous carcinogens

The IUPAC name is 2-[(1R,6R)-3-methyl-6-prop-1-en-2-ylcyclohex-2-en-1-yl]-5-pentylbenzene-1,3-diol and it’s a 314.464 g/mole structure with 17 carbon atoms at it’s longest chain that is interrupted by a benzene prior to its tail, and a 3 carbon separation between two alkene groups that are demarcated by a cyclohexene at its head. The 5 carbon tail is non-polar, and the alkenes at the head are also non-polar, with some water soluble properties in the middle that are instead strengthening the stability of the long chain.

Solvents to the rescue, right?

Well, kind of. In a laboratory, and controlled setting, cannabidiol kept in a solvent such as alcohol may not be a problem. After all, you’re not spraying solvent on your bare skin on a regular basis during standard lab experiments.

Fragrances though. They’re messy. Some of us lose caps. Some of us get sloppy and don’t store them well, and most importantly: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SPRAY SOLVENTS ON MY SKIN, ALL THE TIME? WTF??

If you have this thought or not is completely irrelevant, the purpose was indeed that the National Institutes of Health is concerned over consumer exposure to solvents. This includes almost all fragrances. Not ours, though.

Solvents are bad

The Cologne.Dog™ line of CBD Perfumes does not contain any solvents. It’s visible because there is a natural separation of layers. We discussed earlier how we like to mix oil and water layers naturally, and in short it’s through the use of natural soaps. We patented this system, and it’s what makes us unique.

Let’s not even discuss oxidative damage caused by solvents + air + light that is, in other words, the natural day to day of consumer fragrance products. Fragrances are messy. CBD in a solvent based fragrance, well, it could spell disaster for its efficacy.

Like EUREKA we discovered that solvent-free CBD is the way to be! Plus it’s got a whole host of other benefits for maintaining skin nutrients. Total win win.